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Our services are well received by small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government contractors. Every client is a partner at HR Geckos.

Grow Your Business

Whether you need help with building a comprehensive HR infrastructure from the ground up or are looking to revamp your HR processes, HR Geckos’s service offerings are here to alleviate any HR challenges you face as a business. 

Career Services

Kick your career into high gear with our career services. Offered by qualified, experienced,  and certified experts in the Human Resources field, quality is at the core of everything we do to help shape your professional brand.  Build your career success story with us! 

Bold Tech Solutions

We are here to help small business and nonprofit leaders skillfully and confidently use technology to fulfill their mission. We build HR solutions with full mobile capabilities that allow you to seamlessly and efficiently manage your work from anywhere in the world.

Business Services

 HR Compliance Audit And Makeover

Whether you need to have some serious work done on your employee policies or need a total revamp of your recruitment strategy, we have HR experts who can help with a comprehensive audit and makeover of all your HR functions. Proactive audits will save you time and money.

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 Talent Solutions

Let us help you get the best resources to make your business shine. What if your compensation strategy was about being able to capture the very best candidate out of every new prospective candidate that was presented to you? Are you looking to add a pre-employment test to your hiring process to cull out that diamond in the rough? HR Geckos is here to help!

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Training And Development

Our approach to learning & development spans the spectrum of strategy, content, technology & support. Putting our top gurus into action, we provide tools and refresher training to help your workforce protect your business. We offer e-learning and on-site options to give you the freedom to learn and grow at your own pace.

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Technology Solutions

It’s time to take your business to the next level. Using data and analytics to inform critical decisions, let us take you there! We develop custom technical solutions for your business and handle Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) implementation and management.

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 Career Services 

Spark Your Career with us!

Our Career Services cater to professionals at various stages in their career endeavors.